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The best


On hot dogs, on burgers, or by itself – nothing beats RC’s Chili Con Carne

RC Provision Chili Con Carne

Some of the world’s most famous purveyors of chili-laced delights – from hot dogs to burgers – serve only the best: RC Provision’s Chili Con Carne. Delicious flavor, amazing consistency and tremendous value all add up to one very simple recipe: happy customers and higher profits when the menu calls for RC Provision Chili Con Carne. Shouldn’t your menu include the best chili con carne on the market?

So many restaurants and food service institutions count on RC Provision’s Chili Con Carne for their chili needs. Some of the greatest names in chili dogs, chili burgers and chili fries use our Chili Con Carne, and with good reason: its rich, flavorful consistency is perfect for the food trade, providing customers with one great bite after another, no matter what the application.

Year in and year out, our clients serve hundreds of thousands of customers delicious chili burgers, chili dogs and chili fries – all topped with delicious RC Provision Chili Con Carne.

Customers come back over and over again for this delicious taste – why not add it to your menu today?

RC Provision Chili Con Carne is available in 5 lb. packages ready for use.

For best results, put equal amounts chili con carne and water, add flour to thicken it up in a pan, heat and stir — and enjoy!

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