Eater: Jewish Deli Food Is Having a Moment in LA’s recent profile of next-generation Jewish cuisine in Los Angeles features a prominent mention of RC Provision:

Why the resurgence? Well, first there’s the cultural significance of delis in LA. The city’s best-known institutions date back close to a century: Canter’s opened in 1931, with Langer’s and Factor’s not far behind in the 1940s. Visit any of those beloved joints today and you’ll still find bustling crowds digging into bagels and lox, matzo ball soup, and corned beef, brisket, and pastrami sandwiches (or, in the case of Langer’s, the iconic No. 19). Suppliers like meat purveyor RC Provisions and A-1 Eastern Homemade Pickle go back several decades too, so the nostalgia factor is strong. And, of course, deli food is delicious. But industry experts point to more than that.

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A Tommy's Chili Cheese Burger featuring RC Chili Con CarneGiamela's Sandwiches donates food in coordination with the Dodgers