Langer’s Deli on

RC Provision customer Langer’s Deli recently was profiled on around their iconic #19 pastrami sandwich. RC Provision manufactures the pastrami for Langer’s and is proud of this notice from Eater.

For decades, Langer’s has been buying pastrami smoked and cured to its specifications by RC Provision in Burbank. Langer isn’t sure exactly when the relationship began. “My dad found them, or they found him,” he says. “They found each other.” Langer won’t reveal the secrets of his famous pastrami, but he does share some specifics about what he’s looking for when it comes to the trim of the beef, the rub, and how long it’s smoked.

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RC Provision Pastrami as prepared by Langer's Deli of Los AngelesThe Canter's Deli marquee sign at dusk