Mashed: The Absolute Best Pastrami In The US

The team at Mashed recently published “The Absolute Best Pastrami In The US” and right at the top of the list is RC Provisions’ long-time customer Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant:

So, how does Langer’s do it? According to owner Norm Langer, it’s all in the preparation. The deli steams its pastrami longer than other restaurants (nearly three hours) to the point that it’s tender enough to be hand-cut. Another distinguishing factor is the bread. Langer’s outsources its rye bread but finishes baking it in-house for a perfectly hot, fresh product. The end result is a delectable sandwich that many discerning palates will tell you is as good as it gets.


VIDEO: Ranking Chili with Brian Baumgartner from 'The Office'A Langer's Deli #19 pastrami sandwich