Sacramento Bee: Solomon’s founders hope to bring California touches to traditional deli concept

RC Provision customer Solomon’s Deli of Sacramento has expanded to a new location in Davis:

It seems like Solomon’s Delicatessen has been one of the most hotly anticipated restaurants in Sacramento forever. We’re sorry to report that Sacramento’s wait is nowhere near over – but the entire region can get a preview just a causeway away, where Solomon’s is dishing up house-cured lox on a bagel and hefty chunks of house-cured pastrami on rye at its Davis location.

The Golden Group, headed up by restaurant developer Andrea Lepore and with Aimal Formoli as head chef, opened the Davis Solomon’s in May, as a smaller iteration of the planned flagship restaurant at 730 K St. branch. The location, a former Tower Records opened in 1974, sparked the idea for the entire brand, which was developed in conjunction with three organizers of the Jewish Food Faire and named for Tower Records founder Russ Solomon, who died in March.

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