Vice: This ‘Hybrid Pastrami’ Is a Beautiful Meat Mutant

Great story from that mentions our customer Langer’s:

His craft of making pastrami isn’t just learned overnight; Black’s had a longtime obsession with the decadent meat. “Erik was eating it all the time, every weekend,” Marcos says. “At Mozza, I’d be like, ‘What did you do on your day off?’ and he’d be like, ‘Yeah, I was at Langer’s.’ Every week! And I was like, ‘Erik, you better lay off that Langer’s.’”

To Black’s credit, he says he was younger then and could handle the cholesterol. For him, the pastrami sandwich was just the “ultimate sandwich.” “There was something really nice about going [to Langer’s] after working in fine dining. . . going into this older-school service and deli that had been around for then 60 years,” Black says.

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A closeup image of Langer's Deli's #19 pastrami sandwichBrent's Deli pastrami sandwich plate with fries