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The most delicious roast beef for your customers’ discriminating palates is available from RC Provision.

Delicious RC Provision Roast Beef Cap Off Sliced

Simply put, you cannot buy a finer selection of roast beef products than those manufactured by RC Provision.

Hundreds of restaurants and culinary institutions across the West choose RC Provision’s family of roast beef cuts for their discriminating customers.

And it’s easy to see why: delicious, mouth-watering roast beef that slices up perfectly and provides just the right flavor is what you get from RC Provision.

Browse the many selections RC Provision offers across its family of roast beef products. One taste and we think you’ll agree there is no finer roast beef available anywhere, at any price!


Roast Beef Top Round Cap–Off

Surface fat & lean cap trimmed off.

Specially seasoned and slow oven roasted to perfection.

Each piece weighs approximately 12-16 lbs.

(Available in 1/2 “Deli Face”)


Roast Beef Top Round (Splits)

Well trimmed then “Split” in half before the cook.

We specially season the top rounds, then they are dry roasted.

Each piece weighs approximately 6-9 lbs.


Roast Beef Eye Rounds

Eye Rounds are carefully selected off the bottom round and slow oven roasted.

The eye round is very lean and are great for sandwiches and catering trays.

Each piece weighs approximately 3-5 lbs.


Roast Beef Flats

Well trimmed, specially seasoned then dry roasted. Each piece weighs approximately 6-8 lbs.


Roast Beef London Broil

This Top Round Cap-Off Roast Beef LONDON BROIL is carefully trimmed, then marinated for 26 hours. Cooked in a net to medium rare.

After they cool, they are cut into ½’s to make a “Deli Face”.

Incredible for Sandwiches, or sold over the counter by the pound. Great on slicer.

Each piece weighs approximately 10-12lbs.

Natural Roast Beef

The king of roast beef, extra lean, salt free. Each piece weighs approximately 13-17 lbs.

Roast Beef Top Round

Well trimmed, specially seasoned, selected top rounds are dry roasted.Each piece weighs approximately 13-17 lbs.

Roast Beef Bottom Rounds

Carefully selected bottom round is trimmed and slow oven roasted. It has wonderful color and is very lean. Great for sandwiches and catering trays.

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