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RC Provision is proud to continually add to our esteemed and respected product line with innovative new products. Due to popular demand, we’re always experimenting with new cuts of beef and now turkey, developing delicious new products which have met with great demand in the marketplace.

We encourage you to explore and sample these products at your own establishment. We think you’ll find them amazingly delicious, easy to prepare and a great value for your investment.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you’ll try these great new products today!



Giamela Meat Company’s newest product is pork capocollo. Also known as coppa, capicola, or gabagool made from hand selected pork collar which is hand rubbed and netted then into ovens for a slow and low cook.

It has the perfect amount of fat and spice to compliment any sandwich or meat tray.


BBQ Brisket

Rubbed with our deep pit BBQ brisket seasoning then smoked and cooked for over 14 hours. Melt in your mouth goodness.

Fully cooked and ready to eat just reheat on BBQ, charbrolier, or oven.


Smoked Tri-Tip

Hand trimmed and rubbed with our Fresno Cowboy spices, then smoked and cooked to perfection.

Fully cooked and ready to eat — just heat up on a BBQ or charbroiler.


Cooked Prime Rib / Ribeye

Lip is removed (fat) to give customer a better yield. Cooked to Medium Rare and shipped with juices to use for au jus.

Incredible for Dip Sandwiches, Cold Sandwiches and Buffet Line. Great on slicer.

Each piece weighs approximately 10-12lbs.


Turkey Pastrami

Hand-selected free-range no antibiotics ever turkey breast.  Cured for days, then netted, roasted and smoked to perfection!

Individual small 2.5# pieces, very little waste. Lean and flavorful. Use in sandwiches, salads, catering trays, etc.

Each piece weighs approximately 2 – 3 lbs.


Free Range, No Antibiotics Ever, Low Salt Turkey

Hand selected Single Muscle Turkey Breast with No-Antibiotics Ever, Free Range Turkey Breasts which are slightly seasoned, netted then cooked.

Use for sandwiches, salads, trays, anything!

Individual pieces weigh 2-3 lbs. each.

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