Famous West Side Deli Canter’s Fairfax will Serve Up its Signature Pastrami Sandwiches in Pasadena notes the opening of a new kitchen location for RC Provision customer Canter’s Delicatessen in Pasadena:

Famous west-side Canter’s Deli will soon be creating its delicious and renowned pastrami sandwiches right here in Pasadena, available for take away or delivery.

The deli offers an authentic deli-style food unparalleled anywhere on the West Coast.

The iconic deli, which opened on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles in 1931, is one of 15 restaurants that will be operating out of the Kitchen United food hub and kitchen rental space in Pasadena.

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An image of a Canter's Deli pastrami sandwichAn overhead image of food from Boston's Our Fathers Deli, an RC customer